10 reasons I’m glad we [whatever]school

  1. Common Core. Love it or hate it, the first few years of a new curriculum is riddled with implementation issues and that does not make for an ideal learning experience.
  2. Testing. I have about 1,000 reasons here. Only 26% of them are relevant, yet that’s enough!
  3. I don’t think sitting for 7 hours per day is a great idea.
  4. Backpacks. Those things are heavy, and kids’ spines are developing. Seems like a bad combination to me.
  5. Freedom (time). Until we left the school system, I hadn’t realized how completely it dictated our schedule. (From when we woke up, to when we could go places, and it completely dominated our evening schedule at least 5 nights per week.)
  6. Freedom (place). Spend a year traveling? Only if you aren’t in the system.
  7. Freedom (thought). My kids pick the clothes/music/hobbies they like, not what’s currently trending on the playground.
  8. Socialization. Yes, we have to work harder to have our children interact with kids their age, but 1) they also interact with all kinds of different people of all ages all the time, which most kids don’t get to do as commonly; and 2) they’re not stuck enduring the behavioral issues of the bully/disruptive kids in their classrooms.
  9. School lunch. Seriously. And, I didn’t have time to create nutritious bento box-style creations that other kids would tease them about (and which they may or may not eat).
  10. School doesn’t prioritize what I am most concerned about them learning. Kindness. Health. Self-care. Balance. Empathy. Boundaries. Self-sufficiency. Integrity and Responsibility.  Managing money. Ecology. Creative approaches to complex problems. Mistakes are ok. Ticking all the boxes does not guarantee results. Life is not always a linear process… The list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong: there are advantages to school, and there are certainly excellent schools out there. We may even go back to it one day if that’s what they want to do and it works for our family. But, in general, for these reasons and more, I am glad to be homeschooling, unschooling? worldschooling? hackschooling? [whatever]schooling. And while they don’t get the benefits of school, I certainly don’t think we’re depriving them, either.

Fish swim. Children learn. It’s the most natural thing in the world. May as well do it in the way that’s right for you!