It’s a nice place to visit…

We are on the journey of a lifetime. I mean, we all are, all the time, but my family and I are actually on this year long trip through Europe that is far outside the normal journey and I am beyond thrilled and delighted and amazed. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and here we are in the midst of it. We are relishing gorgeous scenery, breathtaking buildings, fantastic performances and delicious local foods. We’ve met great friends and learned new languages.  We’ve been go-go-go for weeks at a time, pressed pause for weeks at a time and everything in between.

I will admit that I secretly harbored a hope that we would find a place and community that would sweep us off our feet and inspire us to transplant ourselves right in the heart of it. So far, that hasn’t quite happened. It sortof happened in England, in that we connected in a great way with wonderful friends and a community around trampolining that was exceptionally welcoming and fun. But for all of the charming towns we visited and stayed in, we never found one that ‘ticked all our boxes’ and honestly, I can’t take the weather. And my language skills aren’t good enough to forge the kind of relationships that foster that sense anywhere on the continent. And “Mediterranean Climate” doesn’t mean exactly what I thought it meant.

I find myself in the same state of being I’ve been in since moving to California. I really like the place where I am very much, but I’m ready to move on, too. I’m not at home… I like visiting, though.. Pretty much everyplace we’ve been. I admit this is a very lucky place to be. Happy where I am but ready for more. But it also belies an underlying restlessness, and part of me would really like to rest.

My last several years have been dominated by practicing psychological and physical grounding. The several decades prior to that were driven by the need to constantly move forward, discover, improve, accomplish, succeed, prove myself. The ability to truly feel at peace in the moment without “yeah, yeah, it’s good.. but it’ll be better when… I just have to get to…” has been hard-won. And it’s sortof funny to me that as I’ve developed and strengthened that mindset, I put myself in a geographic expression of that psychological process.

It may flow naturally. Elizabeth Gilbert recently released a talk about some people perhaps being hummingbirds. Historically, I have been one to flit from place to place.. never quite a linear trajectory.. and it has served me. It may be the case for all of the days of my life, and I believe that may have advantages – for me and for the people and ideas with which I cross-pollinate.

It’s just… well, maybe I’d like to be a butterfly. Specifically a monarch butterfly, and for all of the flitting about, they all sit down and relax together at that big migration in Mexico. I just have to figure out where my tribe winters, I guess.

But, for now, i’m going to soak up every sight, sound, smell, texture and taste that this journey offers. All that we are learning and seeing and getting to know… all of it adds to our home, the color and richness of our traveling home.. located squarely in the hearts and breath of the people I love.