Stories from our Worldschooling adventure

June 14th, 2015 my family closed the door to our storage space in southern California and set off (with our dog) on a speedy journey across the US to hop on the Queen Mary 2 in New York and sail to Europe. Today marks our eighth month and twelfth country (we’re in Portugal!). Obviously, it’s been amazing. It’s also been less than amazing (which is not to say bad) and it’s had moments of sadness (missing friends and activities) and anger (our Peugeot rental car had a “fatal malfunction” 2km after renting it). We’ve learned a lot about the world, ourselves, each other, what we value, what we want in our home and lifestyle… I’d say it’s a successful experiment. We are not sure how long we will stay on this adventure, but I figure, 8 months in, I may as well write a little… and so I hope to…


March 9, 2018. Update. We’re back.  As we were leaving Portugal we found out that my grandfather indeed had not naturalized before my father was born, making me, and the children, Italian citizens. To do the paperwork we needed to come back, so we called the Queen Mary and she could take us end of May. So we came back to a US adventure, still traveling. About 16 months in, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, the kids asked if we could settle down and do sports and things. And so that’s what we’re doing. Our place has a 2 year lease, and we’re more than a year in, so we’ll see what next year brings!

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