Veganism & the Crazy, Sexy Diet

Prior to my marriage, I had been a vegetarian for many years. I also didn’t own a TV. I did a lot of things differently. In each instance, I allowed the new thing into my life for ease. There’s a larger philosophical question here, and believe me I’ve spent time on it. It just belongs in a different post. But, after going relatively deep (compared to now) down the rabbit hole on GAPS, veganism sounded FANTASTIC. “Of course!” I told myself. “This is what I should have been doing all along! I know this!” And so began my brief but lovely love affair with┬áKris Carr.

Crazy Sexy Diet:

Kris Carr is a dynamic lady. She’s been through a lot and she’s done an amazing job navigating her life and health journey. She’s inspiring. And the Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Cookbook are a treat. The food is fantastic, the writing is fun.. Oh, how I wish this style of eating worked for me.

I now know, it was probably the nuts.

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