One of the benefits of GAPS was NC-M’s suggestion to juice. I had an old juicer and I think just had carrot juice mostly while on her protocol. But, as I decided to quit GAPS, I lifted the veil and saw that the whole world was doing 60 day juice diets. The internet exploded with juicing recipes. I had to jump on the bus.

I got myself a new juicer. I scrounged up about a dozen recipes that sounded good. Within a week, I had more energy and ease than I had experienced probably since my diagnosis. I LOVED juicing. I felt good. I missed it (both conceptually and physically) when I didn’t have time to make a juice first thing in the morning. I felt better when I drank the juice later in the day. Juicing made a difference.

But what to do with all that pulp!?  I loved juicing so much, but hated tossing veggie fiber so much, I started vermicomposting. For anyone that knows me, this is potentially one of the last things I would do willingly. It started a long list of me having to reinvent my former concept of myself.

I juiced every day until I started the Wahls Paleo Plus protocol. Stopping juicing had the same effect that stopping my fish oil supplements had had while on GAPS. I felt horrible for the entire month I stayed on the diet which almost emphatically did not include juice, but that’s another post.

I am back to juicing every day, and couldn’t be happier about it.

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