GAPS diet

Being assured by my wonderful naturopathic doctor that I had leaky gut, and given that the multitude of pills I was taking every day did not help me, I bought Natasha Campbell-McBride’s book and started the GAPS diet.

As she suggested, I stopped all other supplements, switching the fish oil I normally took to the cod liver oil she recommends and getting all of my other nutrients through food.

GAPS is a strict diet, and it was my first real effort to go on a full-on healing diet. I had been on one other diet in my entire life. When my daughter had turned 2 and I still hadn’t lost the baby weight, I went on the South Beach Diet. I followed their meal plans to the letter, lost 20 pounds and kept it off (until I got pregnant again about a year later!). So, I knew the rules: do exactly what the diet says and it will reward you with the result it promises.

And this is the mindset with which I entered GAPS. In retrospect, I think it was the wrong mindset. There are a lot of things I would have changed about the way I began GAPS with the benefit of hindsight. For example, I would have continued with the fish oil supplements my body had become so accustomed to for supporting both my joints and my mood. I didn’t recognize the significance of that until I switched cold-turkey.

I stayed on GAPS for 5 weeks, never fully getting out of the introductory period. I was tired and achey with the grim energy of depression beginning to cloud over my normally relatively sunny days.

She actually lays out the protocol in a relatively friendly progression, IMHO. I now believe that egg yolks (an early add for her) were probably the source of my distress. The good part was she got me juicing again. I had occasionally pulled out my juicer over the years, but generally felt it was too much trouble. GAPS got me rethinking that entirely. Almost from the first juices I made (probably 3 weeks in), I experienced noticeable energy and lightening.

GAPS came off my list, but juicing made it on…

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