1. Standard Process

My first foray into focused healing came in the form of a wonderful naturopath and about 40 different Standard Process supplements over three months. I tested my pH every day, and spit into a glass of water every morning to see how strong of a hold Candida kept on me.  I started fermenting cabbage and water kefir. I completely eliminated (not just avoided) processed food and focused on leafy greens with every meal.

There were times when I thought I felt better. There were other times when I needed to pull out the cane. And others when dizziness kept me in bed. I flared a lot.

At one point, I think I was taking almost 80 pills at 13 different times of day.  As that sentence suggests, it was exhausting. I figured, if I had to work this hard, perhaps I should work harder. I had heard about GAPS and that it didn’t advocate a lot of supplements. That made it just about the most appealing option on the planet…

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