tai chi

I got the inclination to try tai chi, found Gene Golden locally, and quickly realized this guy was a living master. And that tai chi was mainlining goodness – actually becoming the lines of goodness.

And I fully expected to be his star pupil. I fully expected to charm tai chi into revealing itself to me.

At the same time, I didn’t. I didn’t think my body could flow. It’s bee crotchety for so long.

But, whatever. I am not his star pupil and my body can do it. And I’ve no doubt tai chi is the single most important practice I can engage in (in this effort of putting evolution first, and because it is a moving meditation). And there is no question that it is a boon of my life to be learning it from Gene. He is one. cool. dude.

Let it be known, I am one year in and I suck at it. I just had a quantum step forward, but i still murder the back half of the form, and even worse so on the last 10. But that’s changing. Every time I practice.

and yet i still have resistance and am lazy. But that is having ebbs and flows. But the fruits of the practice are too appealing not to work for.

Gene practices William Chen’s Yang Style 60 move form. Those might be the wrong words. But it’s a fighting style, and it is remarkable how effortlessly that man can put you into mortal danger. in tai chi. weird. and awesome.

i never cared about the self-defense aspects. I was in it for the form. I was in it to get my energy moving through my body in a way that has been shown to open joints and loosen tension. I had closed joints and ridiculous amounts of tension.

i carry tension in about 700 places in my body for absolutely no reason at all. At any time when I check in, I can release myriad things my body is holding on to for no reason. I have yet to check in and not be holding tension. However, I do check in and my shoulders aren’t at my ears -which used to be 100% of the time, so that only took 10 years.

Recently, the full spectrum of tai chi has come into my circle of interest. It’s exciting. And I intend to become his star student.