We are incredibly lucky to be taking a year (plus) of traveling, right here, smack dab in the middle of regular life. We recognize this every day. It is a privilege and a luxury. It is mostly, however, a choice.

Our financial situation is decidedly moderate, recovering from a number of years when it was quite difficult. We aren’t wildly wealthy and just carelessly careening from swanky hotel to seafront apartment. Our monthly expenses are not very different from our non-traveling expenses and I modulate our accommodation, food and activities to keep it that way. Tucker works most every day. This is not an extended vacation. It is a different way of living. And the truth is, with just a few tweaks, I think we would be delighted to do this longer term.

The choice we made, and may continue to make at various times, was the result of a number of conditions that seemed to make this a natural next step.

Tucker and I both love to travel. We both value getting out and meeting people and seeing as much of this planet as we can. We haven’t traveled much with the children, beyond our cross-country move for many reasons (finances, health, school, etc). We both aspired to, and wanted to expose the kids to travel at some point as well. Tucker’s parents had spent their first year of marriage in Europe, a fact I appreciated and Tucker desired.  We have not had an exceptionally close sense of community in the cities in which we’ve resided. Our families are strewn across the country, as are our closest friends. Our children’s school situation was counterproductive enough for us to opt out of traditional schooling.