the garden of our heart

My sister, who has been very active in turning my health around this last month, has connected me with a really wonderful, compassionate and insightful hypnotherapist who I am so delighted to be exploring new territory with (or just cleaning up old territory?).. anyhow, she gave me a book that had a recommendation/exercise about curating and tending the garden in the heart. This coincides with the Adyashanti 30 day wake-up challenge (that should be italicized, because it’s a book name, but my arthritic fingers are cutting all kinds of corners…) which this week is focused on the spiritual heart surrounding the physical heart… and I had this marvelous experience I’d like to document here…

Imagining “the garden in my heart” I felt the gorgeous magnolia tree anyone who visited would remember from “camp” with a blanket of bluebells at it’s feet… But there was a dark area of my garden, and in that darker area I also noticed that there was a fence surrounding the garden. And, crouched in a little corner was a particularly gloomy, almost golem-y (from LoTR, not Jewish folklore – although now that i say it that may apply, too). I asked that miserable being what she needed, and the response was – ‘to get out of here… freedom’

Then i had this great image of the scene in pirates of the caribbean (capitalized, italicized) when Will Turner visits Jack Sparrow in jail, and to help him Jack says, ‘if you want my help, you have to help me escape’ to which Turner replies (something like) ‘easy enough, since i built these cell bars’ and applies a little leverage, and voila, free pirate.

This dynamic hit me (my husband would be so proud of all of these nerdy references) and I felt wrought iron fencing all around my garden that I could easily dismantle and reform into a trellis leading from my garden to goodness knows where, with wisteria and morning glory climbing… just lovely, and a protective fence no more. As for the grey, morose being… she took off the second the first panel separated from the second panel. Godspeed.

It was such a pleasant visual/mental/conceptual meandering, and so I wanted to document it. I also really feel it’s representative of the dynamics finally getting the space for some fresh air, and the rush of fresh air responding to that opportunity. Exciting times.