Thank you for suffering through my tribulation… sometimes I forget it’s all a choice. Am I choosing to be incomplete in the moment, needing something to be whole? Am I choosing to be complete in the moment, laughing off any concept that would hold me as ‘not quite there yet’.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a choice. But it is.

The choice to remember we are not here to fix ourselves, but to live.

(chinese proverb: the bird does not sing because it has an answer, but because it has a song.)

it is So. Darned. Tempting. to envision a state of being that is improved over the one i am experiencing. i can come up with a thousand little condition improvements that altogether would look like heaven on earth to my conditioned mind of aversions and preferences. it’s just that i want heaven’t version of heaven on earth, not the hodgepodge of learned ‘better’ and ‘worse’s. and the truth of the matter is that life itself is expressing through this exact moment i’m in – and is alive and free and beautiful. when i rest in that, and then allow my creativity to think about what i can contribute (instead of how i should be different, or life should be different) – this is the life i want to live. i don’t want to chase anything anymore, not even awakening or health. i want to relax into and love what is. now. as is.

important to remember.