something new

I met a friend for lunch today in the wine country of Temecula. She’s an amazing person, and it’s always an adventure meeting up with her. Todays adventure included spending part of the afternoon with the owner of the winery, a really personable and knowledgeable guy. I learned some very interesting things:

  1. the difference between casks and barrels
  2. that barrels are the size a strong man can roll up a gangplank
  3. a bottle of wine is about what a person would drink in a day in the middle ages
  4. wine has both pre- and probiotics

I haven’t been much of a drinker this past decade (although I still don’t think i’ve quite caught up with what might have been overconsumption for the two and a half decades prior) but speaking with this gentleman made me wonder if perhaps I should experiment a little more with some reds. It also made me realize I want to be in a beautiful place using my smile and welcoming attitude to brighten people’s days like the many smiles at his estate brightened mine.

I’ve been ghosted by the job I (thought I) got – and to add insult to injury, i read an article today that the job market is so open, people are simply not showing up on their first day of work. It’s a bit humiliating, and generally disappointing. But, life is like that sometimes, and resilience is truly an important skill/attribute. I spent my evening in a strange combination of anger, frustration, acceptance and shame, trying to feel -and release- the emotions as they came up. This has been a trying escapade, and i look forward to getting on the other side of it.