More than meets the eye

During the Bodyfulness calls, we’re focusing our attention on the feeling state of the body, but there is also a context I’m setting – a context of connection, of wholeness, of the de facto truths about our bodies – all of the harmony that is going on between systems to keep us alive, the energetic field of the earth radiating out and through us, our complete interconnectedness with all of nature and all of life as evidenced by our unrelenting exchange of molecules. These are all things that are undeniable but that we, or at least I, typically forget when my mind is assessing what is right and what is wrong with the world.

The last few days, as I’ve struggled mentally and emotionally due to changing circumstances (which I welcome, as uncomfortable as they are, because I want to exchange the known for what’s possible), I’ve neglected to remind myself of some of these truths. Checking in with my body is helpful every time, even when i pop back to my mental discomfort/confusion. But reminding myself of the truths of nature which I started focusing on today, relieves my feelings of isolation. It reminds me that whatever I am going through is part of a much bigger process *that I deeply want to be a part of* and I can rest a little that this ever-evolving life knows what it’s doing.

I can’t decide if that’s spiritual or simply practical. Believing in life seems sortof self-evident. Aligning to nature as it is unfolding seems to make sense being that it has done such a bang up job these last several billion years. I was raised Catholic and truly worship Christ and accept him as my savior, and I also accept Mary and Buddha and Kwan Yin and Ramakrishna and Divine Mother. We have all of these wayshowers and at the end of the day, I feel the message is about Life and choice and truth and trust.


Sometimes things are difficult, and I believe I am moving through this as best I can through staying connected to my feeling state and employing the ice/water/vapor relaxation. And it’s been so helpful. But add in the context about life, about the truths going on in our bodies and our interconnectedness to the whole world with each breath, and the helpfulness and rest expands at an order of magnitude from just me noticing my body. Both seem to be far more powerful than either, although each has a lot of connectivity and potential.

I am doing my best that when my exhalation leaves my body (and makes its way to yours, and to my dear trees outside) that it carries with it acknowledgement that we are all one playing out in infinite expressions, and that I love and support you and yours, and thank you for your contribution to my inhale.

So, thanks.