not a panacea

So I spent the day yesterday in and out of checking in with my physical body and still I struggled. Contemplating that as I went to bed, I realized I didn’t exercise yesterday (well known as the best relief for depression) nor did i eat well. Great reminder that while bodyfulness is remarkably helpful, it is, as the breakfast cereals claim to be, part of a balanced diet. Meaning, you need other constituent parts. I neglected those.

Having that knowledge as I went to sleep, it was much easier today to get up and care for the basics – exercise, meditation, good nutrition and of course bodyful practices – as every bit as important as any other activities I do to try to a) get a job and b) be of service to others. Tending to one’s mental and physical health is a foundational step, not an optional step. As helpful as body awareness is, it is only a part.. How quickly I can forget.

I love the quote “fear is excitement without the breath” and as I tend to all of the parts of my life with a little more care (and not avoiding it due to feeling funky), I can begin to access the excitement aspect of a new chapter. that’s nice to feel. Still uncertainty, just from a different perspective. It’s certainly an improvement.