well, that was fun…

Six months and over 250 Bodyfulness sessions came to a close today. As Paul Selig’s Guides say again and again, the new comes at the cost of the old – and while Bodyfulness was pretty new to me and didn’t feel at all old, that format ran its course. Yesterday, 6 ladies came and with at least 3 we discussed (and it was evident) how much the practice facilitated their unfolding to their broader, richer, more complete enjoyment of and engagement in life. I was thrilled because Marianne brought Bodyfulness to the direct actions Extinction Rebellion undertook the last few weeks. When I thanked her for bringing bodyfulness to XR, she said, “Bodyfulness brought XR to me, too!” which is both funny and true. I leave this endeavor knowing it has had impact. That feels good.

I also leave this endeavor (or that iteration of it) recognizing how important it is for me to have colleagues. I’ve done a lot of entrepreneurial work over the years, but the years I shone, those were when someone had an objective and I got to do it and plus it up. There was some structure and infrastructure and, most importantly, people.

Yesterday I sat at a cafe in Laguna Beach waiting for Josie. I done something like that in a while. I read and had coffee (which was really good, which is a treat because i never drink coffee and am often disappointed when I do).  People stopped and talked to me like 6 times! One gentleman came over because he noticed my distress (I was reading about some of the horrors of segregation and visibly disturbed) and was so kind. Two ladies chatted then gave me their card so that we could meet there again. The others were less engaged, but still went out of their way to acknowledge me and share the morning just a bit. I took it as a very auspicious sign as I look to re-enter the world in a new way.

I’m also inspired to do *something* with this body of Bodyfulness knowledge that has evolved and taken shape over these 6 months. I’m not sure how it will evolve, but i can’t just put it in a box on a shelf. It’s too helpful to people. It’s easy, pleasant and infinitely accessible. It’s a simple shift that once you start doing it has the paradoxical impact of speeding up unfoldment and ease of the process. Without the pressure of trying to figure out a way to monetize it, I can put it out in the world and let it be of service to whomever finds it.

I have no idea what the next 6 months might hold. I’ve loved every job I’ve ever had (except that hostessing job at Bennigans when I was 18 that lasted 1 shift) and largely knocked each assignment out of the park. Again and again, people who dropped in for a bodyfulness practice told me I was born to do it. And I think that’s true. And stopping this rendition of it doesn’t negate that. The beauty of bodyfulness is that it turns our attention to the essential truth – our experience in this moment, yes, but also the harmony that is going on within and all around us (from a natural world point of view) and offers an escape from the stress and chaos of the mental dominance that is destroying our earth and our individual experiences. This presence and orientation is a habit, and thanks to this intense engagement, it’s a deep habit for me. One that I can employ and eminate wherever I end up. With that knowledge I can take true refuge in, to quote A Course In Miracles (with a slight gender modification)

I am only here to be truly helpful. I am here to represent She who sent me. I don’t have to worry about what to say or what to do, for She who sent me will direct me.¬†I am content going wherever She wishes, knowing She goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Her teach me to heal. (emphasis mine)

With a foundation like that, I can even endure the hardships of the job hunting process with an attitude of service and possibility. Thank Goddess!