temple universalis

SoCal Vedanta has a Swami I love who has spoken quite a bit about the need for a Temple Universalis, where there’s not religious tolerance but true commaradarie in our concurrent journeys to wholeness. Buddha, Krishna, Christ and more avatars represented in a physical altar with equality and honor for all. I love the idea. Kindof reminds me of Vedanta itself or SRF but this would be a step further independent of allegience. Or that’s how i understand it. He may have a different intent, but as Ramakrishna says, there are as many ways to God as there are human hearts….

Recently it occurred to me that I am a temple universalis. Within me are teachings from all the great traditions (and lesser ones as well 😉 … I am a testament to all that I love, all that resonates within me.

I had no idea how to go about plotting a physical temple requiring real estate and donations. But this inner temple? Yeah, I’ve got that. No “how do I?” needed. The blossoming of every bit of wisdom, the respect for individuals and traditions and infinite curiosity about all of it – this is how I nurture the temple within me. All of life is moving through me and as me and as everything else. Being aware of this dynamic interplay in the dance of life and love itself, even if it’s only a glimpse, makes the body a true temple because its where we directly experience life animating matter.

What is most exciting to me is we each are such a temple, eaching carrying a different set of stones, so to speak, each having collected and valued and been led by little nuggets of inspiration and direction. And as we value the stones, maybe we can let them go a little bit and bask in the freedom of a moment of all of it existing within us and within everything. We each have a distinct algorithm of experience and values and interest. we are each Temple Universalis. so cool.