the most exciting thing ever

I’m pretty excited about Unitive Justice.  A dear one took the workshop in CO a few weeks ago, and Sylvia Clute, who is a genius, offered the extraordinary document accompanying the workshop for sharing. So Sher sent it to me and I am totally in love. It offers a framework of lovingkindness applied to all of life — this is one of the stickiest things about it IMHOatm, it’s wildly elastic. It applies from everything from how we treat ourselves in the micro to every level of relationship in the macro, interpersonal, community, international – all of it. Same principles up and down the scale. Same intent, same responsibility, same possibility, same willingness, same openness. Fan-freaking-tastic.

That a paradigm operating from wholeness is possible and functional is the most exciting thing in the world to me. I’ve grown up in a world where certain things we’re just stuck with. This system says ‘bullocks to that.’ Gently. Peacefully.

Another freaking amazing, most-exciting-thing-ever aspect of this paradigm is it doesn’t require modification of the old paradigm. It both replaces and augments without needing to fight about it, change things, feel powerless.

It is ultimate power. The power is squarely in our choice in being open to what is before us or turning away from what is before us. It’s as essential as that. As tiny as this decision and as huge as changing the world.  That’s the medicine i’ve been looking for. That’s the dance. This is entirely doable, choice by choice.

Tie in Caroline Casey’s compassionate trickster and we have the recipe to change the world and have authentic connection and genuine fun doing it. Provocative. Gentle. Intelligent. Curious.

This is gonna be fun…