owners manual in the glove compartment

I’m beginning to believe life actually does come with an owner’s manual and it’s right within our cells and we access it through our attention to our feeling state.  It’s no-nonsense, essential, and only revealing what’s needed right as we ask. But, in asking we also perform a whole-body service appointment – noticing the filters and liquid levels, wiping down the dashboard and cleaning out the trash in the map pockets (or at least allowing it to leave). My auto metaphor isn’t great here (for a girl from detroit, you think i’d be better at them. but they evolve, much like the lamborghini metaphor has)

Anyhow, Yes, I think life comes with an instruction book and the free will to ignore it. i believe culturally we decided we weren’t interested in the natural unfolding – we wanted to create some intentional unfolding and see what we come up with all on our own with these brilliant brains and opposable thumbs.

Maybe it’s time to refer back 😉

Important point: each of us has a unique instruction manual, so what mine says won’t necessarily work for anyone else.

It’s a journey we each must take.

I believe our unfolding is encoded in our cells. Acorn to oak tree, we are becoming something I think our conscious mind may have literally no clue about. In my picture of reality, the reason we were born may be what we said to the checkout girl – we often have no idea of our most powerful works (and the things we’re most proud of may not be as important a contribution as we thought). But, in my picture of reality, we each have a something within that wants to express, and as it comes up and through us the residue is a sense of appreciation and wholeness. Also in my picture of reality, the more we relax, the more space we give that DNA to unfold and flourish.

I feel tension all through my body all the time, which is why i am so committed to this bodyfulness practice. i notice So. Much. More., which puts me in choice, which lets me make better choices more frequently. i struggled with each time i noticed being disappointed in myself for not having solved this yet, for goodness sake. Now, I’m just happy I notice. And every time i bring presence and relaxation and noticing into my attention, i feel that ice melt, freeing, I believe, the cells to unfreeze as well and begin their liquidy descent – the melt is humble, always going to the lowest place – and when I can even go into that lowest place and not be immediately repulsed by it (typically a prompt to avoid in most psyches, but we’re applying intentionality here) – then i can let the water collect and begin it’s powerful journey shaping the landscape and in time welcoming even more spaciousness through evaporation..

I can’t melt your tension, but i can offer you my warmth, and as you melt it, I can’t tend to your lowest place, but I can witness your descent and love you and the world including it. I can’t breathe in the spaciousness to your lungs, but i can encourage you and laugh with you, which brings a whole lot of spaciousness.

We can’t eat for each other. But we sure can share a meal.

That’s what I think has been lacking from my psyche – this idea that I had to do it alone. We must do it individually, we must each eat for ourselves, but what joy to do it individually together.