Curating My Attention

I feel particularly blessed today. I just joined a 28 day challenge to build a website and put out a course through kajabi. I did this because I learned through my Barbara Sher book club that deadlines and challenges are motivating to me, that taking a course is a way i like to learn, and that baby steps are more effective than wishing. Useful information to discover about the self, made even better by applying it. And so, in 28 days or so, expect a website and the many products (daily cueing email) I’ve been promising would be available.

Is it “the answer” for Bodyfulness? I doubt it. I’m not even crazy about the website layout, but this isn’t about me being crazy about the design. this is a brass tacks kind of ‘facilitate what is working so that it can work’ endeavor. Last year’s challenge, which was the udemy ‘slowing down’ course, got me thinking about what I really want to share and contribute here in the world. As “Bodyfulness” came to be in February, it came in part through my friend Jan asking what a healthy, successful day looked like – and i got really curious about the way i want to spend my days.

Conceptually, I was raised/trained myself that an ideal day had a fruity alcoholic beverage with a straw, sitting on a beach. Truth is, I don’t do any of those things: I feel like garbage when I drink alcohol. Straws kill turtles, and while I love to walk a beach I am no longer a beach sitter. Time for new ideals.

For as long as I can remember, a day that included a deep and revealing philosophical conversation has always been a good day, so I wanted to make space for this to happen every day. People are busy, though, and it’s tough to schedule, so I wanted to make myself *really available* for these conversations.

I also have learned enough about myself to know unless I create structures to support habits, they fall off.

Bodyfulness, this practice of checking in with the feeling state of the body, I want to do all day every day. But, I am so well trained to be in the mental realm, I really need triggers. And I’ve developed a ton of them, and the more I do it, the more unfolds. So, generating structure that keeps me peering inward with accountability and sharing? Yes, this is a good way to spend my time.

It’s been over 3 months of this 3x/day practice and I’m astounded by how much I enjoy it, how much my practice is flourishing with ease and enjoyment, and how much more receptive I am to the world. People who join the practice seem to find it powerful, a positive addition to their day. Some of us keep angling for additional opportunities, and finding them, and sharing them, and marveling at the results.

I wanted my ideal day to include honoring the activities that contribute most to my wellness: physically with things like nutrition/hydration, activity/stillness; emotionally with connection, play and caring (giving and receiving); mentally with challenge, expression and discovery; and spiritually with a context of unity, wholeness, unfolding.

Determining how I wanted to spend my days, and then spending them that way has both clarified how I want to spend my time and refined how and what I want to express. I think it’s a worthwhile exercise, and a luxurious experiment.