oh wow. oh boy. holy moly.

i am pretty excited. it may not be news to anyone but me, but it is new to me and i am so excited about it.

I’ve always struggled a little with the boddhisatva vow, of waiting until every other sentient being is enlightened before entering nirvana. I’ve long imagined it as a sort of cosmic Chip and Dale routine (oh, please, you go first)… I am sure it is phrased more beautifully than that, but I struggled with it. Wouldn’t it make sense to get as far along the path as we can to ‘tip the scales’ towards more enlightenment?

Oh, baby. You probably see all of the flaws in that paragraph. I never have.

in the Students of the Guides channeling tonight, the guides spoke, as they often have, about lifting others to the upper room, and that if there is anyone you’re excluding from the upper room, you can’t be in it.

The guides teach the upper room as a higher octave, the frequency of being that receives all of life as the divine – nothing is excluded. So, of course as soon as we start to draw lines and exclude things, we are not in unity. it’s not that hard a concept, but it is very hard to implement in my daily life because some things feel so obviously out of alignment it’s hard to render them acceptable in any way.

Take that to the judgment chapter in The Shack, or ACIM, and we see that any judgment we make beyond the choices for our own being in the moment we are in, purports a level of awareness of incalculable factors. Humbled by the vast potential of valid perspectives, we can cease judging and offer the possibility that we can’t understand it all and just perhaps it is all unfolding with a wisdom and grace we cannot see through the proverbial trees. We accept that and we begin to trust. And this brings us to worrying about only ourselves, or taking responsibility for only ourselves – at least that’s where it brought me. And my cousin and her hula hoop. But what she knows, and what I learned today, is that:

We’ve got to lift everything we encounter to the Upper Room to be in the upper room ourselves. Acknowledging the divinity flowing through each and every aspect of each and every experience is what lifts us to the Upper Room (not our exceptional discernment or spiritual prowess) – it is lifting everything we encounter as being of the divine and unfolding as divine expression (no matter what it may look like – accepting it as even a possibility) – this is the action of upgrading consciousness. Lifting everything to it. Acknowledging everything as in truth being already there.

And in so doing, fulfilling the bodhisattva vow.

Not because the bodhisattva is sitting there waiting patiently for all of us malcontents to get our act together and enter ourselves, but because the bodhisattva is honoring everything as already being there.

The guides have discussed plenty of times that what you damn damns you back. Anything we say couldn’t possibly be in the upper room immediately draws us out of it. Withholding anything, excluding anything spins us out of unity. I’ve gotten that conceptually, but this sense of ‘by doing the lifting of everything/everyone/eventhatguy’ to the upper room is actually how we get there – this fulfills the balancing of the only taking responsibility for my own actions/being. That seemed too “I” focused for “wellness” but taking responsibility for receiving everything as whole and holy no matter how it presents–well, this is groundbreaking for me. I am very excited.

So, then i look up the real bodhisattva vow – tough to nail down just one wording, but here’s what I find (after years of this misintepretation of a cosmic Chip and Dale routine between bodhisattvas and the whole of sentient beings)

“Beings are numberless. I vow to liberate them all.”

Ties in with tonight’s teaching entirely. I liberate them by acknowledging them as they are in truth right here in this moment, and in doing so, i liberate myself.