Best Easter Exercise Ever

I’m in a book club of Barbara Sher’s “Live a Life You Love” really delightful and doubly insightful program. It just so happens that the exercise this week has been around identifying things you *loved* as a child, anything you enjoyed doing, and why. There are more steps, each of them got more and more fun, but having this happen during Easter week was really superb because Ressurection of the Love Within Us – this is a worthwhile Easter ritual, yes?

We have to die to the life we think we need to wake up to the life that’s true. present. happening. in love. as love. reliably.

Identifying things you loved and why. I learned so much about myself through this – things that immediately rang true, but i’ve been overlooking and making assumptions about for years. what a lovely wake-up. For example, I thought I wanted to control things, but what I really long for is to be contributing authorship to things that are important to me, being a knowlegeable and positive part of the narrative. This is a huge shift. Working with people who truly care and supporting each other and promoting movement… such a different context of my interpretation of a specific, felt-sense drive. I thought it was me wanting to be famous (which turned my stomach just a little, as acknowledging Eric Klein’s ‘spiritual red carpet’ image), but it was really just wanting to be in lively, contributory conversation with people who care and naturally impacting the object/subject of attention. HUGE difference. Less embarassing AND more attainable. win-win.

Going back to our innocence, to the time when our interests got swept up for hours because we could, activities of choice and that calm alertness to topics we love. Reconnecting with even the most minute memories of enjoyment (for me, for example, it was coloring at 5) has led me on a surprising series of insights about what I really care about and want to do. I never would’ve expected it.

Barbara’s exercise asks for 9 memories – 3 from young childhood, 3 from adolescence, and 3 from young adulthood. i had trouble so just did every 5 years and then a few others popped in i remembered but don’t fully remember the timescale. then think about what you loved about the activity. Then, she has this killer exercise that comes after, but you’ll have to ask me about that if you’re interested. This step is insightful enough to fulfill my Easter Renewal urge.