people that get it…

it is so nice to be around people who get it. my cousin Debbie is in town and she so completely gets the key to happiness, and employing it she is happy. and she expresses it so lovelely.. She calls it her hula hoop, but only what is in the hula hoop is hers to control, and it’s a pretty small hula hoop – in fact she keeps a quarter on her desk and ‘that’s’ her hula hoop. As she told me about it, i could see how basic that hula hoop really is… am I sitting, standing or lying down or in motion? Am i hungry or cold or comfortable? what am I feeling? what part of me is showing up? these are such great questions and so few people ask them. there’s a lot of ‘what needs to change’ and ‘how do i get what i need?” – so much better with ‘how is this showing up in the feeling state of my body” – anyway, I’m really moved lately by how very graced I feel to be in this conversation and in this knowing of peace and happiness and in relationship with people who also care about it and can support this wonderful approach to life.

Debbie and I agreed that we cannot convince a soul to slow down. if they’re not ready, they can’t see it. and it’s so easy, and they don’t believe it one iota. it’s the immediate release of all the crap, and they’re just not convinced that’s the best way to approach it. And that’s cool. it may well be a time-of-life thing and you can’t get it til you get it. okey dokey. i’m psyched to be in this time-of-life, then. I really love it.

I also ran into a friend that completely lost interest when i said i wasn’t doing this for money. and i thought, but i do feel compensated: i do feel like i am getting a lot of current (if not currency)… i am being paid handsomely in peace of mind, curiosity, relaxation, interest, enhanced relationships, enjoying the way i’m spending my time. Plus then there’s the neuroplasticity that is integrating wholeness at night since i spend so much time on it during the day. it’s like compound interest. i think there’s something in here–this is an economic shift even though the states shifting don’t know how to quantify the trading… units of measurement are elusive: but then again Maya (the great Hindu concept of illusion) means ‘that which can be measured” – so maybe this new form of compensation, of currency, of effect – maybe this felt sense is the foundation of what is next… I gotta tell you, as this relaxed into my body, I’ve felt *Loaded* and that I have multiple streams of income, and i’m confident in my children’s ability to thrive and Tucker and my natural evolution to deeper levels of love freedom and relationship.  Yes, I feel *really* well compensated.