Noticing and Choice

Noticing, while it seems simple, is a remarkably powerful act. It’s subtle. It doesn’t take much effort, but it opens up a new world of possibility that Not-noticing would have you think doesn’t exist.

We notice things we are tuned to notice. The adage, “you find what you’re looking for”  fits. Right now, I’m looking for times that I’m holding a habitual tension that is absolutely unnecessary and I am definitely finding them (even though, through this practice, I finally am also finding times when I am not), but the cool thing (for me) is that (finally) I am not reprimanding myself or cursing the fact that I established this dastardly habit. Now I’m just so dang happy I’m noticing. Because noticing lets me make a choice. And even if I have to make that choice again in 5 minutes, I’m feeling happy that I’m directing my attention in this way. I mean, most of my attention used to go to all the things I haven’t yet accomplished in life and developing strategies to redeem myself. This is a much better choice.

I’m also noticing patterns in people around me, and as I sortof wondered how not to become a proselytizer, I remembered some excellent training I received from the Ishaya’s Ascension people and remembered compassion. But not just any compassion. Compassion and then the turning inward of that compassion to activate a vibrational resonance of wholeness, so that I can use the noticing of what I’m perceiving as pain to be call for me to clean up my own vibration.

We had a discussion last week about people we might have felt compassion for, but through this bodyfulness practice, can see them in their wholeness and in many cases that compassion was misplaced – that compassion was actually judgemental or ableist or worse. Oh, how coming from the body instead of the mind saves us from even our “best” selves.

I don’t mean to demonize the mind, there. I really mean to spotlight the perspective of wholeness, which of course includes the mind but does not render it “special” or “in charge” in any way.

So noticing is my new “achievement.” I used to really, really work to achieve things (you know, so I could value myself), now I’m really happy if I’m noticing little habits that don’t serve me – because that little act packs a whole lot of power. It is the threshold of choice and choice is the entryway to freedom (which we all have all of the time, except in our own perception). Noticing my shoulders creeping up while I’m cutting vegetables is as big a win as most of the things I spent my days working toward. Mindless doing the grand gestures has got NOTHING on small gestures tended to by our own wholeness.