today’s challenge

My challenges lately have been bite-sized. As I engage in this practice, my body drains the drama out of the situation at hand, and it becomes much more manageable, much less potentially catastrophic, and gentler. I’m appreciating this trend. I’m also feeling that as long as I’m consulting this internal universe, the external universe will be doling things out in appropriate measure. It’s only when I’m in my head, dedicated to “figuring it out” that the size and intensity creep back up.

It’s very rewarding to hear the success stories from some of the people who have been frequenting the online practice. Real ease. Exchanging anxiety for curiosity (best trade-up ever) and negative self-talk for inquiry. Yesterday a woman who had only come twice came back in fascination at how well it works, how easy it is, how completely in control of it she feels. My guess is she’d done a lot of work to prepare the soil, but she is not the first person to gasp in disbelief at how impactful this practice is every time we use it.

The difficult part now is not proselytizing. Watching people struggle with exactly the kinds of anxiety, frustration, desperation and searching for answers that this practice cures quite quickly. It’s particularly tough when they’re too busy for it, as if they’re not breathing 20,000 times per day anyway. That’s just the acculturated mind’s way… It wants to be in charge, and anything it didn’t come up with it isn’t particularly interested in. That’s got to be ok.

I imagine it is how my body has felt towards me all of this time. I’ve got the key, it’s simple, reliable and right in front of you – or more accurately right inside you, but I was stubborn and insisted on climbing mountains and diving depths, exploring mazes and ruminating. And it sat there, with the answers, just waiting for me to turn to it so it could gently yet powerfully turn the lights on.

This is a gigantic step, and you can’t force a flower to bloom. Oh, the infinite love in the universe is evident in its infinite patience for our ridiculous flailings. I guess it’s part of the adventure. I’m certain it has purpose, else it wouldn’t be here. Trying to figure out that purpose would be a tremendous waste of time, methinks, because the figuring out is most of the problem.

One of the most satisfying effects of this practice is the settling of the mind. You’d think the mind would resist, and maybe it does – i’m far enough in I’m not entirely sure – but much like a rowdy toddler, it is actually delighted to have some guidance, to have a grown-up in charge facilitating that ice cream cone and while it may protest bedtime, it does so while yawning and closing its eyes. My mind has become calmer, more accepting and a hell of a lot more fun – I’d say over the last two years, but then exponentially so with this shared practice the last two months. I have had a lifelong habit of gasps and little swears when things don’t happen as I expect. Drove my kids nuts. I haven’t done it in 2 weeks, maybe 3, even when it’s surprising or particularly annoying. I check in with my body and everything feels ok. sometimes i even laugh. now there is another excellent trade-up.

Paying attention to our bodies and honoring what we find has another fantastic benefit i don’t know if i’ve mentioned before. You want other people to honor their bodies as well. When I would readily subjugate my body for a “higher purpose,” I expected other people to do the same – not doing so would be evidence of disinterest or laziness or something. Now, I find “because I don’t feel like it” a perfectly acceptable excuse. I don’t want people to do what they don’t want to do anymore, no matter how much sense it makes to me. I am curious about what percentage of the world’s problems are caused by people doing things they truly aren’t aligned with in the name of some cause they’d really like to help. I think the best way to help is to be ourselves and follow our natural energy levels and interests (which are always changing and always in flux). That’s another thing people have been mentioning, this dedication to self and care for self really frees up a lot of stress. And as we tend to ourselves, sometimes we find we have genuine contributions we can make. subtly. no need for grandstanding. just the outward expression of our love for this very diverse world…