free prize inside

the oft-used marketing slogan is really a plea, i think. please free the prize inside you, it asks. please? we need that part of you to show up – we need that part of ourselves to show up. the part that is connected to life at such an essential level, separation is as absurd as it is sad.

our bodies are connected to life at an essential level, to degress and in ways that we literally can not comprehend – because it’s not a thought, its an experience. when we take the microphone from the mind’s grasp and open it up to open mike night from the body, (body karaoke, step right up, sing, i’ll listen) the experience of the present moment opens like a flower. It’s not the mind’s fault it’s got a hot mike 24/7, that’s what culture’s rewarding (kindof). We get to focus our attention. We get to switch the feed from fear or judgment or comparing to where there’s tension in the body so we can take this moment to help release it.

Things come up because there’s energy that wants to be acknowledged, held, included. For the mind, they come up for any of many billion different projections of possible reasons that means that this person is on the wrong track and that person better wisen up and i sure as hell need to change and become a better person and here are a hundred different ways i need to do that. The mind is a minefield. I’m exhausted just describing it, and i’ve done one of seven billion potential scenarios of lack and shame and longing. For the body? none of that is real.

and that is why the body is my best friend (see? my mind thinks its in charge even still – and i guess it is as the part of my being that selects the focus of my attention), my most trusted advisor, my truest gauge on what  is true for me. Living your truth is a full body experience. Turning our attention inward, getting to know the lay of that land, life unfolds in a very different way than life spent with the mind as the sportscaster of the surface events. I lived that life. i actually thought our life was the quality of the narrative i was telling. that that was the point, to tell a good story. But my body was not-at-all consulted and now that it is, the body is so happy to be tended to it rewards me with dopamine and oxytocin (the naturally occuring stuff, not the drug that has a hold on our youth)  and that shifts my mind’s ability to take it’s place as servant instead of dictator/master/beggar.

That which gives us life is expressing through every cell of our body. that is an amazing fact full of wonder and function and design we have only begun to understand. Life itself evolved these bodies and functions and capabilities and capacities. We are so much more than we know, in worlds we don’t even know exist (our relationship to the microbes on the planet, for example). Life is successfully expressing through us, whether we are aware of it or not, out in public or not, hiding in shame or standing in awe. That which brought us is taking us home. We are having a mental life *in addition* to a very basic and yet infinitely complex physical dance. The physical dance is the plane transporting us from NY to London. The mental life is our perception of the flight (we may have had a great flight or a miserable one, but we are on the journey to London either way. We *are* here and we, by the nature of our being, are part of evolution – to ever more love, freedom and [relationship/order/complexity]. The more time i spend checking in with my body, the more in sync with life i feel. Life with a capital L. everything. all the molecules. the dictator is this tiny emperor trying to claim control of infinite numbers of cells expressing the patterns of their complex DNA in relationship with infinite molecules of just a few elements. it’s fascinating. its mind boggling. and maybe that’s why we should stop trying to live in it through our minds.