my big TOE

Smoking enables people taking breaks, that’s why intelligent people can still do it despite the damning health and environmental impact. I am lucky that I cannot smoke anymore, or I totally would, just to facilitate the break. I am a personality type that is basically always thinking and “trying to do something” and breaks are not natural to me. Without smoking, I basically had to invent a whole daily dynamic of talking and reading and writing about it just to try to make sure i do it.

Some people do not have this problem. Some people are not anxious or overly cerebral. We all have our unique mix of skills and challenges. Blessed by some things, cursed by others. But, of course, which is in the eye of the beholder.

And that’s why I titled today’s post theory of everything. My theory of everything is that when we inhabit ourselves fully; 1)the divinity which keeps us breathing, plus 2)the earth creation of these amazing bodies – the result of millions of years of evolution – Life itself expresses through us. Life lives through us. we add embellishments and even set the direction through the gift of free will expressed by the focus of our intention, but Life has a bigger, grander being and expressing of which we are a part.

Also, integrating spirit and body happens IN THE BODY, and so spending time and focus just being in the body – this is the key. We can think about orange juice all day long, but until we actually drink it we remain thirsty… When we are all doing this, we are operating in concert and while troubles may come up, they are not defended, they naturally resolve themselves and in doing so contribute to the furtherence of wellness.

WEllness. We. Each fully inhabiting a progressively more integrated physical/spiritual self, our spirit, which is not restricted by our identities and personal dramas. The deeper we are in that space, the more we meet others from that space. As much time as possible in that space feels like a very good idea.

Also in my TOE, we are put on this earth, that spark within us, to anchor the vibration of that spark. Everything about the details of the duration of the time from first breath to last is only mildly consequential to the overall impact of that grounding. Sortof like, we’re all traveling from NYC to LA, and while we are in the air, what you do does not really impact our ability to arrive in LA. It greatly impacts your own experience of it, but nothing is at stake here. The end is sure. But dynamic. and unknown. and unknowable, but able to be experienced. and that’s what we’re here doing. wow.

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