vegetarians and omnivores. can there be peace?

I imagine in a world divided by eating preferences, peace might be difficult.

I am in a peace-building program (Scilla Elworthy’s Business Plan for Peace) and in being aware of our own shadow and our own areas of contention, my relationship with my sister comes up. I certainly don’t want to diminish my capacity to be a power of peace in the world because of my situation with her. So, it has really been on my mind.

How do vegetarians and omnivores cohabitate? How do people or groups with values-based differences resolve their grievances?

I think vegetarians and omnivores can live reasonably well together if they sortof keep to themselves. Because if the vegetarians can’t be happy until the omnivores quit killing animals, vegetarians can’t be happy. But, there is some science to support that if humans were supposed to be vegetarian we would have a different digestive system. And, while I was a vegetarian on moral grounds for a long time, I cannot deny that my health improved when I started eating meat. And as Joseph Campbell said, vegetarians eat living things, too, they just eat ones that can’t run away. So, while I DEPLORE modern animal practices (and only support pasture farmers) I am not really sure who is right.

Does peace rely on our ability to allow others to live their lives the way they want to? I think it might.

Peaceful co-existence, letting people live as they want to, seems like a really good place to start.

When vegetarians and omnivores share a meal things get difficult.

I think i need to bring this question – this definition of peace – to the course for clarification. Is peaceful coexistence enough, or do we need acceptance and encouragement? that seems like a pipe dream.

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