book of freedom

I’m on my second reading of Paul Selig’s The Book of Freedom which blew my mind as I read it the first time, and honest to God, I feel like everything I am reading is new and it is blowing my mind in an entirely new way. The gift that keeps on giving, and each time in new and unexpected but deeply relevant and personal ways. I really do believe Selig’s work is the most interesting thing happening on the planet right now.

I believe it’s being echoed by all kinds of wonderful work, don’t get me wrong. Yesterday I heard Ken Wilbur say that evolution is natural and unconscious until you get to human, and as a human you won’t evolve unless you decide to. That never occurred to me before. I mean, we are all evolving sortof naturally, but honestly it looks like humanity – without the decision to evolve to greater levels of love, freedom and relationship, seems to be devolving into entitlement, protectionism and fear. Yikes! Seems like a pretty easy choice …

Selig talks about being complicit to the injustices and that breaks my heart. Absolutely I believe in equality, justice, nurturance, and acceptance for every living being and that is not what I am seeing in most/our culture. There is that sense of “but what can *I* do?” I mean, I have a pretty unconventional life but I am still complicit in this radical injustice pervading the world and I definitely want to be a part of the shift to equality, collaboration and collective thriving. I also know that problems are not solved at the level of consciousness at which they were created, and that the future only equals the past to the unimaginative, and so the best thing i can do -or one of the best things – is not to contextualize the solution within a vision of what has come before as “solutions.”

This leaves me/us in a position of holding the space for the transformation of society in fairness and caring and growth. Being these changes in —even our relationship with ourselves and the people we particularly don’t care to be around. It is a big shift. I mean, who doesn’t want to banish all of their bad habits and accentuate and cultivate all of their good ones? I think most of us hold that desire. But the truth is, if we can’t come to relationship within ourselves that acknowledges and honors the wholeness of what we are in this moment – all of it, then we can never cultivate a self that can truly redeem our weaknesses through the gentle power of our strengths.

So, once again, it’s an inside job. Daunting! But within our ability to transform if we so choose. and, by the way, not so much by transforming as by being the container that is bigger than the problem. As Thomas Hübl says, “Complexity is simplicity in the wrong size container.” Let’s expand!

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