everybody plays…

Today as part of our New Year’s celebration we’re sampling chocolates… As I thought about it, I didn’t want to sit and eat 20 chocolates all in a row, so we started at noon with truffles, and moved through hot chocolates and will be in carmels and “overall” for the evening’s events. Here’s what we’re learning:

Everybody plays, everybody wins.

Each of the chocolatiers is different. Each appealing to a different experience. Whose is best? Depends on the experience, doesn’t it. I mean, my 12 year old boy is not nearly as into a curry-infused chocolate as he will be with a buttercream. it’s just not meant for him. There are times and places for each and any of these chocolates (although Vosges truffles are probably a few years out for the boy).

This idea of doing your thing, whatever it is, and doing it well, and finding your audience and really serving them… it’s not about being named the most delicious chocolate, it’s about being the hot cocoa after building a snowman that makes people have to sigh and appreciate how good life can be. Or the wasabi-infused truffle that just hints at a trip to Japan and their love for interesting flavor combinations. And Fran’s, the third chocolatier, is a love affair with the ingredients themselves. Kingston’s is homey, Vosges is exotic, Fran’s is true. Great choices!

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