right on the brink…

I’m looking at the last blue sky of 2018, knowing that tomorrow that same sky will be in a different year. kindof makes it obvious what a construct new year’s is, but constructs are useful in ways and here we are in the middle of a bajillion of them. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

The experiment of surrendering to life itself, trusting that the universe is friendly, life itself is rigged in your favor, and all of existence is the expression of the Divine, unfolding in infinite variety and color, for the betterment of all – this experiment is all-inclusive, like those beach resorts in the Carribean. everything’s included – not like a cruise ship, where *some* things are paid for and *some* things are premium and *some* things you don’t even learn about til you’ve already spent a certain amount in category number 2..┬ábut i digress… this is all inclusive. if god is coming at us from everywhere, nothing is excluded. not the car accident or the addiction or the change of ownership at the place you work – everything is in. Everything can be received as the very best thing possible in this moment, the exact thing i need to learn right now, or contribute, most likely both.

Some people will say it’s a mind game, talking yourself in to a panacea … and maybe it kindof is, but way more than that it’s talking yourself out of a series of drama that 90% have no basis in reality, just perspective and even that is fleeting.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure out the best way to do things, as if there was a best way. it was stressful and damaging and more importantly, wildly limiting. I want to know what is beyond anything that could be categorized as a best way, for this reason or that reason or any reason. Life is just unfolding, and it is unfolding in our favor if we can receive it as such.

Hawkins talked about enlightenment being fairly limited because desire for enlightenment is fairly limited. it’s not on a ton of people’s top 5 priorities. When opening up to Life being God expressing constantly as a love song – to and through you and everything else – becomes the #1 thing, it is a whole different ball game. Worry is just a choice to indulge in a fear game that doesn’t need to exist (even if it exists for 99% of the people 99% of the time, which it doesn’t, but it doesn’t matter if it did – it’s not real, even when it seems the most real)

So this is the challenge. I’ve said for more than a year that evolving is the most important priority in my life, and to sit in this place and want to be authentic and congruent, clearly stepping out of fear is the most important next step. and stepping out of fear is the counterbalance of stepping out of self aggrandizement. Whether I separate myself out as bad and ruining my children’s futures or separate myself out as good and providing for a better future – they’re equally true and the amount of true that they are is exactly zero. Or maybe some infininte number on each scale. Love loves all of us, scoundrels and the saints.

I am very excited about 2019.

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