curating our attention

I love Pinterest, although I don’t use it. I love it because I have long felt that curating was the wave of the future and Pinterest gives a very nice way to hold and catalogue things you love. Isn’t that nice.

I have a life I love, but I do not have a life replete with particularly stylish things and so pinterest is of little value to me personally, but this mechanism of curating to remember things we like when the time comes they can play a role… brilliant

lately i’veĀ had the luxury of curating my time. I’ve got nothing to do but heal. So many hours in a day. I fill the time with the things that matter most to me… my family. but it’s not like i can herd them into the corner and sit on them all day… so my time fills with things i read, things i write, things i do and things i watch. I try to do things to contribute to my healing, so meditation, physical therapy, general exercises and walking. But sometimes that list diminishes in a flare up, so none of this stuff is hard and fast.

I’ve tried to watch tv and movies, but it usually sucks so bad. And I have so many archived excellent hour-long programs from great courses i’ve taken. and i really want to watch the masterclass series. But usually, it’s something that comes to me that day, i watch and I am done watching. Lately I enjoyed Thomas Hubl’s Art of Transparent Communication and a Perelandra workshop.

Most of my days are spent reading and writing. you’d think i have a lot more read, but i don’t. kindof. and i write about the same amount as i write here in a paper journal most of the time. but i did start doing ‘davinciĀ journals’ from barbara sher (freeform, idea-driven) and that has been a lot of fun.

All of my attention is focused on evolving. Literally. All of it. And again, it makes it easy since we are all evolving all the time know it or not. It’s literally the most natural thing in the world. So, that’s comforting in terms of potential goal achievement, but the thing about evolving is you don’t know what it looks like. I mean, I say, “evolving towards ever more love, freedom and relationship” and so i know i am hoping i am growing into a better person, but the whole concept of evolution is the new, and so it may not look like what I thought. and usually doesn’t. but that’s completely fine. I bide my time with lots and lots of inputs that discuss the new, the supportive, the free, the equal, the love, the presence. How to tap into it more. how to keep it active in your day (hint: curate your time to include it). all of these things.

Paul Selig’s latest book, “The Book of Freedom” is the most transformational thing I’ve ever experienced, and letmetellyou, Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power course was pretty darned transformational. But Paul’s book, whew. Personal, cultural, interdimensional – it’s all in there and it’s clear like spring water. I loved each book, and each book changed my life and course and context. But this one is spring-loaded. I want to hand this book to people, but i don’t know if it’s as pristine if you jump in this way. All I know is that with the foundation of the first 5 books, my experience is viscerally opening with each paragraph I read.

Keeping this stuff active in my life, reading The Book of Freedom a little every day, being on a Power of 8 call several times per week, studying Perelandra and Qi Gong… My days are full of things that fascinate me and that is very very exciting and a very great luxury, I know. (I am sorry for people who can’t slow to zero so they can start curating their time from scratch. i do pay for it with a certain amount of disability, though, so don’t feel too ripped off)

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