Yep. Focus is magical. What we turn our focus towards is enlivened, and the spirit in which we turn our focus sets the direction of that liveliness. I have been focused on some silly things, and in the spirit of ‘wanting to graduate’.

Well, that’s delicious to unplug!

Wanting to be fully present is so different than wanting to graduate. And what would i do when i graduated anyway? I’d be present, i think. So, yeah, maybe I can just keep with the presence part.

I saw another thing today that I thought was magical: don’t keep making a mistake just because you’ve been doing it for a long time. These two things felt linked to me and i’m pretty excited.

another thing i’m feeling so profoundly is that this focus isn’t just ours. I mean we are in complete control over our own focus, right? Except for the thousands of inputs jumping all over the place trying to get our attention. We are in communication with life and trying to focus on any of that out there stuff keeps me off the mark. centering in myself, it is quite easy for me to determine if something deserves my focus or not, and this centering and feeling ‘what do i want to put my focus on’ has yeilded some really incredible people/teachings/forums/programs/inspiration/activism. And right now my dance card is so full of cool stuff that I am utterly delighted.

But my head? Still has a bunch of junk going on. this gets back to the repeating a mistake simply because i’ve been doing it so long. The catty diatribes my brain can go off on are really obsolete. Yet I’ve been keeping them around. Because I’m so sure some of them are right, lol (hint: they’re not. even if they are.) There is a discernment that is necessary to live and participate in our culture, but honestly, it’s a pretty trim crew. I definitely over-invested in “thoughts” and as I can see patterns and recognize what serves me, it’s still an enormous portion of the airtime between my ears that is keeping me on the hamster wheel when I know how to get off.

Enter focus cues!

Breathing cues has been a game i’ve been playing with myself for several years, and it has been magnificient. Simple, fun, effective. I still *really need* the cues, because I *really need* the relaxation, body focus and dropping out of the thought stream. I hope to (I was going to say ‘graduate some day’) get better and better at it. But it’s a pretty smooth-running machine in my day-to-day life, so I’m going to add something new. Something harder.

I’m taking a month of practice, but i believe my New Year’s Resolution is to use the cue of judgemental thoughts (right or not 😉 as a cue to focus on my heart. To employ HeartMath’s Heart Coherence. Most of the reason I judge things is habit (I knew Drumf was an idiot decades ago… i don’t need to continue having the conversation…) and as I gravitate towards people and ideas and movements that literally enlighten my life and body, I can’t have my focus so easily lay upon ‘what’s wrong.’

One of my life-cues the last 4 or 5 years has been “there’s nothing wrong here” (and if i think there is, my mistake). It’s been a very helpful tool in learning to receive the world as it is, and adjusting ME. I believe this new practice is going to take it to the next level.

There are things on this earth that excite me to no end. And there are things that utterly break my heart. Those are feeling states in response to things, and don’t require much peanut gallery input. I’ve been making strides at listening to my body even when it is inconvenient (especially then!) and now I’m going to take this same approach with my focus. put it on what i: 1)appreciate, or 2)want to create.

Let’s see how it impacts December!

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