i’ve met someone new…

only kindof. An online qi gong course. I have been studying Tai Chi with Gene Golden for 20 months and I love it. Mostly. The not loving it part comes from not being particularly good at it, but Gene is fascinating and Tai Chi is infinitely more fascinating than Gene, so I think I can say I love it. But, several steps in Yang style short form require me to move in ways my hip surgeon has cautioned me not to. What’s a girl to do?

Gene is expensiveAF and worth every penny, but this Qi Gong online course (which cost 2 of Gene’s lessons) is probably what I should’ve started with. I was digging Gene’s esoteric knowledge but struggling to find the simplicity of the form. This course is chock full of simplicity and I am REALLY LOVING IT. I can feel it is the beginning of something. So exciting.

The idea of personal instruction from a master being better than online instruction at home seems to me a relatively easy judgment. But, it’s just that. A judgment. And a whole bunch of those have been unraveling in my head. Articles of “fact” that are not facts at all. I can release these things, especially when I don’t want to. Remembering *then* is a really advanced practice.

Since I can’t take Gene’s class I searched high and low for a local Qi Gong teacher and fell short. Really? there are like 3 million people in Orange County, and a significant Asian population. I thought we’d be able to find someone. The online search was a last resort, and really only investigated to be able to suggest ideas for online practice to Gene. Good to know I’ve found people doing it what I believe to be quite well.

It’s funny sometimes how you can’t see something until you can see it. And even then, sometimes you mistake it at first. Life is so full of mystery and paradox, it’s funny we even pretend to be writing the story. I mean we are, but we also very much are not. And walking that razor’s edge seems to be the tightrope of life. Luckily, we also have a net.

The thing I like the most about this (Energy Arts Dragon and Tiger) Qi Gong course is that it is simple. He says, “don’t worry about what you think you should be feeling, think about what you do actually feel, even if it has nothing to do with Qi or what you expect it should feel like.” Embrace the right now. It’s enough. Now, put your focus on cultivating the energy life offers, earth offers, the body offers. Bring it alive simply with your attention to it. This is the kind of present moment practice that *really* appeals to me right now.

No doubt it will, when I can return to Tai Chi, improve my skills overall. But my Tai Chi practice has been frustrating (frustration is welcome, don’t get me wrong) and I know I have a long way to go to really embody and work the energy. This course is like, “even if you do it poorly, it’s really benefiting your body” and I am very much like “sign me up.”

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