I don’t teach meditation. I’m not particularly good at it, and there are many excellent teachers. I shift styles, and I know that is frowned upon but it’s my best shot at consistency, and really the sitting is what i’m after. The spiritual benefits come when i least expect them (which is, i think, the point) and only when I fully release myself, which is challenging for me. My body is requiring a whole new re-development of how i engage in the world. It’s exciting, and I feel it is the product of getting better at listening, little by little. I’m accepting my body as my guide – I’m not sure to where, but I am trusting that it is encoded with my essential unfoldment. My mind has been trying to take me all over creation and I am exhausted. I’m trusting my body now. I’m giving it the next 5 years without question. If, at the end of 5 years I find my body has led me astray, maybe I’ll check back into strategizing shit. I’m thinking odds on that are pretty low.

But, this space leading into meditation is wide open. Tucker sees design companies trying to shortcut the design process all the time. skipping the steps that makes the thing organically viable. No, no, no.. .that takes to long. let’s dive right in and just see how it goes. and sometimes it goes big (rarely for long), but you can tell the stuff that’s had it’s process. And frankly, the process is FUN. the exploration is infinitely creative and variable, directions can be followed and abandoned as suits the buoyancy of the thing. So, I want to explore PRE-meditation – from the state of “i think this is valuable” to the tiny skills and choices that prepare the body and mind to be able to sit for 10+ minutes and fully plug into that which is essential and be restored by it.

And then, after you develop that capacity, and you start to feel the freedom that comes from meditative practice, having cultivated it in bits and habits, you can bring it off the cushion more naturally than someone who went LIFE. Successfully sitting in meditation. LIFE. Bringing it into our day, into our choices, into our habits, into our breath (i mean, we’re breathing anyway). This, too, is important and goes undiscussed in general meditation circles. or at least the ones i’ve sat with.

I want to live in meditation. i want to live in cocreative partnership with nature, receiving and expressing Life Itself with and through every iota i come into contact as the ever-unfolding present moment of pure unconditional love. I know it’s a big goal, but what other goal could possibly compare?

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