so much to say

I’m out of my depths with wanting to help someone and everything I do making things worse. So, obviously, stop. Or at least slow down, right?

It really is funny. Divine Comedy. the cyclical nature of things. how easily the thought stream can hijack a perfectly good day…

the wonderful thing about these practices… well, noticing I’m in my head (and trying to sort, strategize and solve) is now a cue to bring me into my body. And my body has a completely different opinion on the matter. My body is not worried at all. Not about me, not about those I perceive as struggling. Not one bit. My mind has this picture it would like to meet but my body has no such expectations. Yet, now checking in with my body, I notice areas of discomfort and I try to relax. and the more moments i can give to this part of my journey, the better the outcome will be. I’ve learned to befriend discomfort. I actually visualize myself sitting next to it, on a porch overlooking a vista, sitting in adirondack chairs, just being there together. That typically loosens things up. equanimity overtakes struggle, if only for a few minutes.

and then those minutes grow.

sometimes it probably works other ways, but for me this has become very effective. I wish I could sit down and go directly into presence. I am not so adept. Except sometimes. Right? We have touchstone moments. and we’d like to build our capacity to experience flow. But that too is attachment, and we’re back at the beginning.

So, I dont know what I’m about to do. I’m starting to do something and I’m delighted to feel passionate and focused. I have so much to say, but at the same time, why would anyone listen to me? And, truly, I don’t know the answer. I have a lot to say because evolution is exciting, personally and collectively. A lot of people aren’t even thinking about evolution, but i think an evolutoinary mindset is the answer to many, many prayers. Evolving itself offers purpose. Being a micro life cycle in the larger play, what we ‘be’ really impacts the direction of ourselves and those around us. and evolving is the most natural thing in the world, so it’s easy. you don’t have to worry about failing. It gives us a container and then says: make the most of it!

It’s the plane ride from NY to LA. It’s happening. It takes some time, but it reliably gets there. How you enjoy the ride is completely open to your own decisions and interpretations of the process and activities around you. We’re on the journey and the end is inevitable. How can we offer as much love as possible? how do we tweak the experience to leave the earth better, spread love, celebrate beauty…

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