life’s greatest adventure

pretty bold title. infinite answers. multitudinous possible stories, all of them true. and today I add my voice to the people who believe, maybe ALL of the stories are true, and what, do you might think, is the common thread? Present Moment Awareness and Openhearted Engagement.

Present Moment Awareness and Openhearted Engagement just might be Life’s Greatest Adventure, expressed in infinite ways in each of us and all of life.

I really do have to quit making proclamations, but once again I’m only saying it because it feels so true.

I get really enthused about present moment awareness, about being fully in the present and open to evolve into the future (since it’s the most natural thing in the world and none of us can help but do it). I personally see the first step as slowing down because that was the first step for me. for many people, speeding up may be what they finally need to infuse in their lives. [Martha Beck says, for people who like to talk about their problems, Stop Talking and Start Doing. For avoiders/workaholics who just run from the problem, Stop Doing and Start Talking. I love that!] We each have our own way, and we can’t help but move by what calls us – and to me the question is what are we listening to and are we aware of what we are heeding. It’s the grail question: What master do you serve?

I am enthralled by the breath techniques and meditative practices and mystical teachings. I get that that’s pretty niche. It serves me in my life so deeply, i can’t help but be enthusiastic and maybe of single mind.

Watching someone caught in a story and ignoring an invitation is difficult for me. I am a “fixer” by nature, and really only an empathizer pretty briefly before wanting to move on. My nephew’s death taught me that I really can’t fix a damned thing that counts, but when I see great big flashing neon lights about something, I can’t help but try. It’s back to my “disappointment panda” disposition. And sometimes it stops runaway trains, which is enough to encourage me to keep doing it.

I’m working on compassion, but I can’t help but identify with this guy…


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