biblical times

My daughter was evacuated from art camp last night. An arsonist set part of the San Jacinto mountain range on fire, causing the evacuation of thousands and yet unknown damage. What is with us?

I am delighted to report my daughter is safe. Indeed, it is now 2 days later and while the fire rages on and the devastation continues it really speaks to the difference the actions of just one person can make. This instance, to the detriment of society. Let’s explore how much you and I can influence it to the positive.

Any random act of kindness could spur a national movement. Could happen. Does happen from time to time. Let’s always be trying to start one by engaging in radical acts of kindness and lightheartedness. If it catches on, great. If not, no problem. Edison went through 10,000 filiments or something before catching on to the one that worked. I can spend my whole life trying. Seems like one of the best ways to spend it, actually.

Looking at the world, it really is going to seed in a lot of places. There is some effed up shit going on. There are so many causes I feel deeply about – things that outrage me at a cellular level. I’ve scattered my energy trying to figure out where i could have an impact when really it is grounding my energy in my own life and moment-to-moment experience that has an impact. Be the change.

These are biblical times complete with plagues and fires and creepy cloaked figures. The death throws of a humanity based in scarcity and greed. It could kill us (as a planet) but it also just might birth a shared humanity of compassion and harmony, where life itself is sacred and cherished, each individual’s wholeness and inherent value is unquestioned. Life is full of curiosity and expression, not fear and finger-pointing.

I am experiencing a shift. The end times have come for the part of me that operates from habit, the unexamined walls shielding the unredeemed fears of the past, trembling that they may be discovered. doing anything to keep up the ruse.

Don’t worry friend in the cave. I am here for you. I extend my hand and offer to bring you into the light. the light that Jesus described, the light that sustains all of life. the light that ignites the soul.

The more we can explore our inner caves and offer olive branches to the parts of ourselves we most want to deny – this is integration. This is being a responsible adult. It is the “Grow Up”.¬†of Integral’s “Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up” which I love so much. The acceptance of the responsiblity is Grow Up, and the action of taking the responsibility and actually doing the work of bringing the threads together, collecting the dangerous beads on the floor and being the silk that connects them into a necklace… that’s the cleaning up. And then, wow. then, we can be powerful. That’s who I want showing up. The best parts of myself, fully supported by even the uncomfortable truths. That’s authenticity.

I’m making proclamations. Always a good time to stop.

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