times they are a changin…

We really are in crazy times. The unsustainable lifestyle in search of ever-elusive satisfaction cannot help but end. How it ends will be interesting, and as always, how it ends has everything to do with how each one of us ends it in our own lives… That is the practice. How are we personally evolving? But it is only part of the practice, because our interdependence is obvious, even if we’ve spun it out to the edge of reality through technology and isolation. Connection, in the old system, has broken down. How are we going to create connection in the new system?

I imagine it is going to look different, and honestly, I have no idea what it might look like. But, choice by choice, we’re creating it. And the more choices we are aware of making – the choices born in creativity and discernment – the fewer automated programs run. Because, the mature, heartfelt parts of ourselves were not the programmers for any of our habits. Something else was. And we, as adults, get to take them one at a time (or sometimes by the dozen) and evaluate if they are in alignment with our becoming. In alignment with what we want, what nourishes us and serves our relationships.

So, I am excited about focusing all day every day about evolution. The question keeps coming back to “What do you want to create?” I want to create a world where all the beings feel their wholeness, celebrate their interests, are valued by the other whole beings and into a community of wholeness. and these communities have all kinds of shapes and sizes, inner rings and sattelites… It is easy to see that the opportunities are limitless.

But, man. is it hard.

we do not share the same values with the majority of our neighbors in Orange County, CA (but, seriously, there are like NO bugs. at least no mosquitos, and that is a pretty big deal to me right now). And even when we do share VALUES, we don’t share execution styles, or schedules. and consequently, we are more isolated than we would like to be. i have considered all kinds of community-building activities, and reached out quite a bit for me, but to very little avail.

but that little? Enormously wonderful.

I believe that humans are on the brink of new ways of being in community, and I believe the isolation of myself and many of my favorite people and throngs of us in general, is just a growth-stage. And to just face the light. The growing happens naturally. The direction is up to us.

Where do we put our time, attention and money? These are the places we are creating. I am excited about advancing my lifestyle towards more and more activities aligned with my ¬†personal values. I don’t want to support the consumerist culture where stuff equals worth with even a nickel of the money I steward. I was hemorrhaging¬†support for child labor (Nestle – who owns dozens of brands. Really all of the candy companies. The children of the poor work day and night to give “sweet treats” to the children of the rich – an indulgence causing obesity, depression and disease. I have an idea. Maybe we stop.)

We have many cultural habits we need the courage (and simply the awareness that we are doing it) to break. Things are necessarily not transparent, and as we, as individuals and as a group, require transparency to engage and support, we can change the world. I bet quicker than everybody thinks. I think if people knew the ultimate desitnation of their consumer choices, they would literally fall down and cry. We need transparency. And it’s complicated. but it’s not impossible. put the people from AARP on it (this is a joke because they are super effing efficient about letting you know you’re turning 50).

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