planetary awakening

Life is all kinds of strange. and there have always been people on soap boxes with “the end is near” signs. but only the dudes toting those signs right now have the backup of our nuclear capacity and unstable governments backing up their theory. Things are devolving, that’s for sure, and new fresh sprouts are popping up everywhere as well. It’s all happening. Where are we on the spectrum at any given moment in time?

I am fascinated by the concept of planetary awakening, this thought that the earth and the humans on it are not just continuing business as usual. That something exciting is going on and that the future does not equal the past. Humans have come out of caves, plowed fields, and now touch glass to communicate across the globe. We’ve come a long way, and planetary awakening could possibly be what is next.

Even if it isn’t, it is where I want to be focused. I want to be focused on potential and possibility. I want my thought, energy, time, attention and money to be supporting things that LOVE the earth, LOVE the people on it, LOVE all of the life systems on it and are actively engaged in making things better for everyone. More Respect. More Love. More Laughter. Living from a sense of wholeness in ourselves and a recognition of wholeness in others and in all of life.

Once you’ve got that as your backdrop, any other backdrop is mundane as hell.

But, once you have that as your backdrop, every single breath is an opportunity to breathe it into life. Every interaction is a chance to exercise it. Every word an opportunity to align with it.

And you can feel if you’re doing it.

you feel good.

So, an exercise here is to take a deep breath and imagine you’re six years old and your mom just gave you a puppy. and it’s yours. and it’s adorable in every way. and it is SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU.

Feel where that is in the body. All the places, all the sensations. That’s your magnetic north.

Now, imagine where the puppy runs into the street and a car is coming. Feel the sensation that creates in your body.

That’s your magnetic south.

(i can certify that no animals were harmed in this exercise.)

Do stuff that makes you feel more north. That’s evolution.

When most of our days are spent navigating feelings of fear, worry, compensation, shame… that’s devolution.

Now, devolution can serve evolution. Teachers like Thomas Hubl have us going into the trauma to witness it and hold it and redeem it – which pivots it to evolution. But without that intention, that work, it’s just devolving. and it hurts.

A Course In Miracles tells us that eventually, everybody comes to: “There’s got to be a better way.”

So far, I can speak highly as an evolutionary mindset as a much better way.

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