Emergency & Emergence

We’re facing a lot of emergencies right now on this planet. Big ones. Daunting ones. Perhaps unsolvable ones.

We have a variety of coping mechanisms in place to usher us through this emergency. Lots of it is Denial. Apathy. Dispair. Avoidance. Blame. Anger. Responsibility. Hope. Experimentation. The whole spectrum.

In my personal life, in historical data, in sappy movies, emergency leads to emergence. Something new that couldn’t have been possible before.

Sad bit is: if you duck out of the emergency, you don’t get access to the emergence.

OK, maybe you do, but in my personal life, historical data and sappy movies, it’s pretty rare. Just like winning the lottery. Possible. Unlikely.

Staying present in an emergency. Assessing needs. Responding. Holding a space of the emergency is happening and here I am to usher it through me and to resolution. Part and parcel with the resolution is the opportunity for the emergence, but typically only if you’d made the space for it.

Emergency! React! Run in the other direction! = No space held for emergence.

Emergency! React! Hide! Sit there and wait it out = Not much room for emergence.

Emergency! Slow Down. Hold It. Be fully present. Inquire into the nature of it. Listen. = Emergence can’t help but fill the space.


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