you learn something new every day

Today I learned that “Gru” from Despicable Me’s first name is Felonious. And here, I thought it was Gru all these years. Just another drop in the ocean of things I think I know that are in whole or in part wrong. It’s amazing to think how many things fall in that category. We all have hundreds of misunderstandings we don’t even know we have.

Someone like Byron Katie is thrilled to have these erroneous thoughts, because every time something comes up and we open up to it and let the truth change us… a fairy gets her wings or something. Good stuff happens. We can leave it at that. And I can vouch for the advantages. The more I thrill in being wrong so I can accept the new so I can grow and change, the sillier I find the ‘wrongness” and the more I can laugh at myself. And as we all know, laughter was my new year’s resolution. ┬áJust doin’ my job…

Also contributing to increasing laughter is this idea of being with my children without agenda. without my trying to teach them something or give them notes on how they’re currently doing things. notes. ok, maybe i’m just trying to politely say criticism. My kids are still pretty young for this, but unplugging from being the constant assessment machine and trying to mold them in any way is really freeing me up to enjoy them. And maybe even enjoy me a little bit more as well.

i did learn today that i miss wearing a wig from time to time. Wigs are fun and so much easier and more successful than me trying to style my hair.

i also learned that i am getting to old for theme park rides. and theme parks. i think i’ll always be into Disney because they do present an elevated experience of the whole thing, and I will take my children to theme parks while they are still at home and interested in them, but I think i learned today about no longer needing to ride the rides. Especially for a creaky lady, getting banged around just isn’t fun. and to save space they’re doing all of these “sit here while I shake you” rides, and I think I can leave that to the next generation with my best wishes.

I also figured out that i read about 30-40 books per year. I was actually pretty surprised by that. I was certain of a dozen or so, but now I’d say I probably read about a dozen novels, a dozen health books and more than a dozen books on spirituality. Actually, I might read more than that because I also pick up 2-3 books from the library every time i go. And then there are audiobooks, and the books Tucker reads to Jacob in the evenings. See? Once again, just here in this paragraph, I thought I knew something and then learned I was wrong, that I was looking at a fraction of the whole situation. And like has been my practice all day, I will gladly turn in my outdated “knowledge” for a new level of understanding.

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