Some Things I believe

I believe in Life Itself. I believe that Life is life-positive, because life-negative experiences dissolve into the loam for new life, as evidenced everywhere. in all of nature. So, I believe the universe is friendly. Indeed, I believe the universe loves us, and every bit of itself, ecstatically.

I believe that I was created, that I am being breathed by something much more expansive than the Lisa Johnson nee Sferlazza that’s been walking around thinking about herself for 50 years. It’s much more interesting than that. That we, as expressions of life, were created by something much bigger than us, much more subtle, much more powerful – and that something is responsible for all the fascinating stuff of this planet, of this cosmos, in our bodies and our minds.

I believe we are at a really interesting time in human history.

I believe the best I can hope for is the Prayer of St. Francis. May I be an instrument of Love Itself moving through Life Itself.

Being that instrument is my #1 priority. I don’t always get it right, and I’m often quite a silent instrument, but being that instrument is #1 for me. It is, I think, the highest possible expression of my being and the one I want to give the world. It’s what I want to contribute to evolution. My evolved self is fully and radiantly expressing love. full-time. 24/7/365.

Being is the present moment. Life is this collection of moments in constant change and at once very much the same. Being as an expression of Life is exhibited everywhere, and that being is also always in a state of becoming and a state of having had been something else. Or not. I am here to let life live as me and through me. Life. Living. yes, it moves through this personality, and yes, things come and go, some more endearing than others. But life is moving through. we are growing and evolving and changing even when we don’t notice. We notice how much we’re changing when we’re sitting in stillness.

This is just a start of something I’d like to nurture and make concise and compelling, talking about Life Itself and Love, the Divine and Human Choice and evolution and heaven on earth and prayer without ceasing, out of sheer gratitude. I love it.

i believe every breath counts. every choice counts. every gesture of trust counts.

I believe the yin yang symbol is literal. That we are composed of dynamic forces in ultimate harmony. and as we move in relationship and understanding of those forces, we are in flow. and that’s such a nice place to be. creative, open, assured, curious…

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