If every breath counts, which it obviously does ENORMOUSLY, yawns are like the hyper-power boosts like from a videogame. You know how sometimes you have to go around collecting hearts to fill your lifeline back up, but once in a while you can just collect one super heart that restores you to 100%? Or like the full restore in Pokemon? What? Videogame references from the girl who has less than 10% videogame saturation? Yep. I’m a product of my environment…

But, yawning, man, this is a practice. It is a boon. You’d never had thunk it, but once you do it with intention you’ll be amazed at what you can do. Indeed, I think that anyone that yawned every hour and/or between activities for three full days, at every transition-point, would be hooked for life because life responds very quickly with flow.

I’d love to create an app to help remember this. I remember doing A Course In Miracles 25 years ago, using stopwatches and timers, trying to remember to remember every 10 minutes. I’d get inventive because I loved it so much, and I loved what it activated in my day so much, but without a cue I would too easily forget – just fully neglect infusing moments with presence as I ran around through the course of my day. But everything is so individual and unique, i don’t know if technology can get us there (although i guess plenty of apps remind you to get up and stretch these days. which is good.). But I wonder if determination to be present, to remember isn’t part of the requirement. But, then again, we should take all the help we can get on the road to sheer and utter love. Let’s all experience that as fully as we can as often as we can, using whatever tools and practices facilitate that state.

So, back to this ‘every breath counting,’ yawnings are clearly superbreaths. I hadn’t realized this until I read “neurowisdom” by two members of the faculty of the MBA program at Loyola-Maramount. I only read the first third of the book, but it extolled the evidence-based virtues of yawning and then the rest of the book seemed to apply yawning in different applications – as in, yawning was the core and central message with a thousand applications and benefits for optimal brain health and functioning. Serioiusly? Yes? Ok! Yes, please!


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