I make a lot of proclamations. They’re entirely unnecessary. Except maybe the claim of worth. But other than that… how things will go “from now on”… it’s just silly.

But, the claim of worth… oh, the claim of worth. the radical idea that you and I are enough. right now. just as we are. we are enough and we are naturally growing. and as we become ourselves, we are moving in the direction of our thoughts, of our focus and of our love. We can get a whole other ball of wax in there, but at its essence, it’s our love.

I am enough! You are enough! We are enough! just as we are! It’s really a radical idea – and isn’t that crazy? It’s not so much “all is well” as “all is as it is, as evidenced by its being so.” and feeling AGENCY within that. operating from the perspective that that which you are has the tools to navigate whatever you are in the midst of. that’s a bad sentence, but a nice idea.

One of the things I love about Tucker is that he articulated his belief in the universe that if a crazy dark force presented itself, so would the sword to slay it. It’s a basic agreement with the universe.

today I researched whether it was Einstein who said the most fundamental question to ask is “Is the Universe friendly?” It’s debateable. But it is a seriously important question. So much rests on it. It is Einstein-worthy.

We have so many brilliant minds in the human experience. there’s scary stuff and bullshit, but there is So. Much. Love. So much wonder. so much brilliance and so many *extremely cool* people. Tons and tons of really, really beautiful souls.

i like this evolutionary approach to life. this idea that wherever we are, here we are, and where are we looking? towards greater love, freedom and order. always growing, always changing, always becoming, but more importantly, always “being”. What are we “being” Who are we Being? Making choices for love. Making choices to grow and learn and express in the areas that we care about. Put this purpose first: living your values. Our actions are always expressing our beliefs. How about our beliefs include we are expressions of love able to express this love and contribute to the supremecy of love in the universe. something like that.

i love this knowledge that we are an expression of something beyond our comprehension. Whatever force can create universes and life and water and all sorts of *incredible* stuff. Life Itself is SOMETHING. ┬áIt is magnificent and intricate and just so darn cool. But we get caught up in the minutia and cannot see the majesty of the simple fact of human existence, however long it lasts. And this continual promise of nature with decay and renewal. we are so afraid of death, but nature isn’t. she transforms it. it’s not a theory, it’s evident.

I’m getting too deep even for me, and i’m pretty sure my time’s way up.

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