the elephant in the room

i like elephants. I LOVE ganesha. i am humbled by the strength and beauty. and if there is an elephant in the room, shower it with love. That’s my strategy. Honestly, I get that that’s not entirely an enjoyable thing because facing elephants is awkward and most people love to work around them and literally never address it. As a person who resonated with Disappointment Panda, the person who lays out the uncomfortable truth, I recognize that part of me holds the pattern of looking at what you want to avoid and reaching for it to put it right back squarely in the center of the room. as an elephant. I encourage us to use colorful chalks to embrace and decorate this elephant, but I simply, literally cannot ignore the elephant. Because I love elephants. And uncomfortable as it is, working through whatever is squarely in the center of the room opens up new, spacious fields of being. Freedom doesn’t avoid anything. and addressing the things we’re avoiding frees us from them. It isn’t even reverse psychology. It’s just a field of openness. And when you notice areas of constriction or elephants in the room, you at least acknowledge it, get curious about why it’s in awareness and how to be fully present with it. Comfortable or uncomfortable, taking a few breaths to open yourself to what you’re fully feeling and experiencing – that is raw, unbridled power. Scary as shit, I give you that… But it’s where all the juice is. God expressing herself to you through this thing dressed like a beggar that you want to avoid. Or an elephant. Or every single other thing in your life.

Lots of talk going on about growth oriented mindset or fixed mindset. and i don’t really get the benefits of fixed mindset. Fixed mindset says “I can’t because <insert any of one hundred million reasons, many of them perfectly valid>”.growth-oriented, which says “i can’t YET” and identifies resources needed to accomplish it. but you’ve got to care about it. you’ve got to tend it like a garden, not let it evolve feral. Gardens are not gardens if not tended. Isn’t that the very definition of garden? Nature imbued with some intention? When it isn’t tended it can be a forest or a prairie or a wilderness, but a garden is something with a human intent and hand.

i am all about growth oriented mindset. evolving. ever greater freedom, love, order. nature herself singing the song of it every minute of every day. When i see areas that are fixed, i want to unfurl them. and slowing down is deepening this capacity to both see the areas and apply evolutionary principles. And is blowing my mind. And opening up new ways of listening to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. But for me it’s all through going *toward* the uncomfortable, not away from it. And perhaps it is an uncomfortable road, but it’s not about comfort or discomfort. It’s about growth. Embracing growth recognizes the need for comfort and discomfort. Seeking only comfort is a constant struggle. and an unachievable goal. the good news is, discomfort is temporary, too.

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