one thing i should mention

Slowing down, as a practice brings nothing but benefits. For real. But, one of the benefits doesn’t feel like a benefit. It makes you deal with your shit. But, it makes you realize you have everything you need. right now. in this moment. And it gives you the clarity to feel your personal north star. It is a journey worth taking. Do not be afraid of it.

But some stuff just seems so big. Guess what? you don’t have to contend with the big here in this moment. By attending to this moment, you are giving the big problems a little air, and they will come down in little problems that register a 1 or a 2 or a 3 on the scale of imposition/need for change. Do-able. And if you tend to that little stuff in the moment, pretty soon the big stuff distills itself into bite-size pieces you know you have the internal resources to master,¬†and you don’t have these looming “issues” that really cloud your identity.

This is a little deep, but it’s an important concept in my right-now experience I’d like to distill more clearly.

Everyone I talk to actively expresses a need to slow down. except one guy at toastmasters who Really. needs to slow down but it’s repellent to him (like it used to be to me). And we try. but we are busy. and there are some problems that seem to be chasing us. and we keep the balls in the air as best we can. And when we get a chance to rest, to take a breath, how deeply are we really relaxing? If we can get really deep, really fast, just a moment can offer all kinds of benefits. As we develop our capacity (which is natural, we just don’t practice it very often) to slow down just a bit deeper in all the little natural¬†breaks in our day it brings a whole lot of gifts in the exact same amount of time. Go for meditation and stillness practices as well and that opens up a whole new set of vistas.

But we must, through it all, stand face-to-face with our stuff. Our stuff is exactly the teacher we need to become our best versions of ourself. Your life knows how to do this. Flowers know how to bloom. Flowers don’t have the anxiety and the keeping score (that I know of, and it would be wildly sad if they did because we all deserve freedom to blossom – and it is happening. right here in this breath.

I’ve recently had a breakthrough in dealing with a few key patterns. My #9 or #10 triggering stuff (in the “I turn it up to 11/let out my inner sicilian” pattern) broke itself down for me into a series of smaller, more manageable chunks. I mean, I was willing to face the 9 or 10 stuff, but it’s much more digestable in, well, I guess archetypal stuff that recognizes a number of patterns at the same time. This is stuff that has loomed over my self and my identity all my life. stuff i really wanted to change, that didn’t feel true for me, but I continued to fulfill the pattern every time. This was the “big stuff” i didn’t know how to face, and this slowing down process really has been distributing the dismantling of it, often so painlessly I am shocked. So yeah. Don’t be afraid of dealing with your stuff. You are enough. right now. moment by moment. choice by choice. breath by breath.

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