Feminine Power

Claire Zammit’s Feminine Power course is absolutely and without question the best class I have ever taken in my life. No great college seminar, no sales training, no education at all that compares to this. Claire’s ideas are accessible and relatable, she’s a gifted teacher and an even better coach. She walked me through myself and set a context for nothing less than the highest expression of myself. And it’s working. It’s coming alive in my life. as my life.

I feel that the work she does in 7 weeks would have taken me 3 or 4 years and that’s if i had a skilled therapist and a lot of dedication. You know I’m the therapy-genie. I recommend therapy all the time. And it is good. But this is gold. It is simple and straightforward, not easy but not difficult, absolutely captivating philosophically and setting – tapping into the fact that life itself is organizing itself around your success. Integrating all of the people living in your body, every identity you operate through intentionally or not. Within yourself and then within your life and the world in general. Her practices are truly transformative – not exercises. Her insights are profound and supportive and uplifting. Top notch transmission.

Absolutely, if I had the expendable dollars, I would gift this program to every woman in my life. My mother. Sisters, nieces, friends. I believe this program is a kiss and embrace to any woman alive today, to fully express herself. Trust me, we want to see you in your fullness, fully taking up space and using your voice and shining the special glimmer of god that is your light.

So, please, listen to her free course. I hate to admit it, but you’ll need to unsubscribe from her website after you get the link because you’ll get a lot of email (although much of it is great), but do this. go here.

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