traps abound

I want to address this feeling I have because I’ve told a couple of people about this blog now and that’s a little uncomfortable. Especially because I’m feeling called to write throughout the day, which is quite wonderful, and I’m really enjoying it. And it’s got a whole bunch of weird stuff in addition to some gems. And I really have to do the practice without attachment. And right now, sharing is the practice. But I really don’t want to  get attached to people’s responses (which have been very kind, but for good or ill, i have to be in the center of it and it’s ok). I am happy doing this, documenting this process even if it is neigh unto unreadable by literally everyone else. And that’s the beautiful thing about choice. We don’t need to be into everything. curating our lives, activities, interests, practices – this is the play of life, the dance. selection. cultivation. towards what we want. unafraid to leave what we don’t want behind. Practice and non-attachment is pretty much the magic formula. The Bhagavad Gita spells it out. May I now please recommend Eric Klein’s 40 days of meditation with the Bhagavad Gita. It is outstanding. I carried around a bhagavad gita i literally got in an airport, but could never bring myself to string together a paragraph or two. Getting into Vedanta, I realized it was all about the translation, but still found it boring and the classes on it (sorry, Swami) tedious. Enter Eric. The beauty of a conversation between God and an altruistic soul… A combination of 3 excellent translations so insightfully expressed as to make the daily practice of life your spiritual practice. Fully.  eric at wisdomheart dot com. Email him. beg him to take it. (it’s a little thing i have with Eric – I’ve tried to convince him to sell his programs in the can whenever someone wants to start).

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