Spiritual Identity

OK, so I really am enjoying this particular moment in time. It has some hiccups, but overall it’s amazing and transformative and I feel like I’m transcending (while still including) old identity. It started with that name concept I had Monday morning, and wrote about – my siblings got to help pick my name, and i’m using that as a simile for creating an identity construct, and I recognize that identity is who has shown up every time I’ve been in the relational field of my family, but it doesn’t come up in any other area or aspect of my life. And so, I can confidently say, I’m predominantly not that anymore. And since I don’t want to be that, I don’t expect while that’s the lens I’m being perceived through I will show up very much.

That might have been a little deep, and poorly explained, but activating Tracey’s pet name for me as the name I resonate with feels very much like receiving my spiritual initate’s new name. I mean, when I meet people named Sarasvarti and stuff, I always wonder, “I wonder what happened to swap from Julie?” Now I know.

I’m not changing my name or anything. I’m pretty used to answering to whatever name comes up.. youngest of 5 and all. and a grandma who always started with the oldest grandchild when you called…”Marlene? Debbie?” I was 6 or 7 people down the list… But moving forward, when I meet someone I feel a connection with, you can bet I’ll say, “My friends call me Leela (as Tracey spells it)” and step into that version of myself that is the Divine Play.


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