A surprising invitation

I’ve been doing more than my 20 -30 minute sit and write these last couple of days. Coming to the keyboard has replaced reaching for my journal or index cards. It might be too much and I might change it, but today it’s fun.

Inviting the world to slow down, it seems to me, is something akin to that time when i was 14 years old and a parker at Meadow Brook Music Festival, and I used to work the back gate on concert nights. Maybe I was 15 by the time I had that gig regularly but it well could’ve been 14. And so I got to know, by sight at least, the members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. As I got to know some of them with a brief chat from time to time, Irv Monroe and Don – oh, shit, i’ve forgotten Don’s last name, and he was a prince, but anyway, they invited me to come out to the parking lot after a concert one night, that they always had a little get together. And I thought, “Oh, great. Quite an invitation. What are we going to do, drink warm milk and listen to Mozart?”

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and the kindly members of the DSO kinda introduced me to “Rock and Roll”. As Don said as he poured a drink from his van’s custom bar (and quite a bar it was, “A band’s a band, Lisa.” AndĀ for many summers I had a great time developing a sweet friendship with about 1/2 dozen members of the DSO and some of their local friends. Happy memories and associations. And it gave me my sea legs for working as a professional with musicians on the road.

But, I digress. My point was that inviting the world to slow down probably sounds like an invitation much like a symphony after-party to a 14 year old. “hmm. sounds pretty boring.”

It’s not.

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